MysteryRealm Film Series presents The Zucker Brothers' Top Secret
MysteryRealm Film Series presents

The Zucker Brothers' TOP SECRET

Don't tell anyone.

In between Airplane! and The Naked Gun, the comedy crew of Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and David Zucker put together Top Secret!  In his film debut, Val Kilmer plays Nick Rivers, an Elvis Presley-like American rock idol sent behind the Iron Curtain. Before long, he is involved in a complex espionage scheme thanks to the beautiful daughter of a scientist held captive by the Communists. The plot is mainly an excuse for the Z-A-Z team's fondness for a joke-a-minute lampoonery, skewering cinematic targets ranging from The Blue Lagoon to The Wizard of Oz.

Ten Pass $80 | Single Tickets $9.50
(PG, 1984, 90 min)

Saturday, July 21

5:15pm   Cinema One

Sunday, July 22

2:10pm   Cinema One


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