You're Not Alone | NCGLFF 2019
Shorts Program

You're Not Alone

Concern for Welfare, Hoai (Ongoing, Memory), Masks, This Perfect Day, Swimming, Two Mums and a Giraffe
THEMES: Asian | Comedy | Drama | Family | Lesbian | Muslim
Australia / 13 min / Director Fadia Abboud

Ali is a gay Lebanese constable who’s kicking against her Muslim brother’s controlling behavior. When she attends a concern for welfare and discovers the body of an elderly man who died alone and unnoticed, she realizes the value of a loving family, even if they can be misguided. 

United States / 11 min / Director Quyên Nguyen-Le

This is a narrative that delves into a conflict between a young Vietnamese American queer woman and her father, exploring themes of heartbreak from romantic relationships, to families, to nations.


United States / 22 min / Director Mahaliyah Ayla O

A closeted medical student risks being outed to her family the same evening a gunman opens fire at a gay nightclub.

Australia / 7 min / Director Lydia Rui

This is a story about Jules, a wayward youth, who walks into a music store. This could be the day that changes their life.

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United States / 29 min / Director Anna Chi

Swimming tells the story of Michelle, a 17-year-old Chinese American girl, who is trying to figure out her sexual identity. One day, she is left in charge of her 4 month-old baby sister and decides to take the baby to the beach. While Michelle thinks the outing creates a special bonding between them, her parents blame her for being irresponsible.

United Kingdom / 14 min / Director Rachel Tillotson

Marcie is a performance artist known for her daring and provocative stage shows. Dawn is an ex-model turned stay-at-home mum.  Bailey is their three-year-old daughter. Each mother envies the other mother’s role. One gets bath-times and stories; the other gets a grand evening entrance after an exciting day’s work. Dawn is the biological mum, Marcie has no DNA bond. Dawn feels like she’s lost her individuality. She compensates by becoming the best mother in the house until the living room is a playpen. Can the two mums regain their individuality and be equal mothers too? It’s time for a showdown.


$10 Individual Tickets | $85 10-Passes
(Various Countries, 96 min)

Thursday, August 15

4:40pm   Cinema One

Saturday, August 17

3:00pm   Cinema Two

Monday, August 19

5:10pm   Cinema One


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