You Should Meet My Son 2!
NCGLFF presents

You Should Meet My Son 2!

Men's Feature

You Should Meet My Son 2! is a comedy about a religious mom who is determined to stop her gay son's wedding. But her plans go awry when she accidentally befriends his fiance. It's the sequel to a film that won "Best Picture" at nine film festivals as well as the "Emerging Filmmaker" award at The North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. While fans of the first film will recognize many of the characters, the sequel can be fully enjoyed as a stand-alone. Taking place a year after the events of You Should Meet My Son!, the new film opens shortly before Chase and Brian's wedding. For obvious reasons, Chase has not invited his estranged fundamentalist mother to the ceremony. But Brian's own meddling mom and aunt decide that this may be the last chance for Chase and his mother to reunite. Swinging into action, they hatch a crazy plan to convince Chase's mom to attend the wedding...with disastrous results.

(US, 75 min)

Saturday, August 18

5:20pm   Cinema One

Tuesday, August 21

5:20pm   Fletcher Hall


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