Retro Film Series & NC Comicon Present:


November 9-11

Your neon lights will shine. The term "guilty pleasure" seems to have been invented for Xanadu; a film hardly anyone admits to liking in public, but which has become popular enough to spawn a Broadway musical and become a certified 80's cult classic. Whenever someone mentions Xanadu, that title song gets stuck in your head. That's the deal. It's like a curse that one passes to another, and the only way to get rid of Xanadu is to show it to someone else. (This is the plot of It Follows, right?) Here's an Olivia Newton-John rock musical which takes pains to present disco and rock 'n' roll as a tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals, but within the confines of a roller rink. Not only was Gene Kelly convinced this was all a good idea, but he was talked into leading a roller derby brigade stomping their feet, crossing their arms into an X, and chanting "Xanadu!" If you close your eyes and simply listen to the great music the film works; but if you leave them open, my God. And that's Xanadu in a nutshell.

(PG, 96 min, 1980)

Friday, November 9

9:30pm   Fletcher Hall

Sunday, November 11

7:10pm   Cinema One


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