The Wild Abandoned Side of Me | Shelby's Vacation
NCGLFF presents


Women's Mixed Shorts
Mai, Shelby's Vacation, Last Night Was a Mistake, Our Second First Date, Amelia and Charley

Life always spins out of sequence, and so do the narratives of these delightful shorts! Spain: In Mai, Carmeta, Mari and Pilar are three old ladies who spend every afternoon sitting on a bench, next to the main street of their village. The arrival of a mysterious pair of girls turns into the main topic of discussion among the women. United States: In Shelby’s Vacation, Shelby sets out on a much-needed vacation to mend her heart from its latest unrequited crush and ends up at a rustic mountain resort where she meets manager Carol, who has her own fantasies that are getting in the way of creating a real relationship. In Last Night Was a Mistake, Alexa & Maya want a stress-free trip to Vegas, away from their significant others. But when the ladies get too drunk and find themselves in a wedding chapel, they've got to face the feelings. In Our Second First Date, a woman is magically forced to repeat the same date over and over again until she can make it go perfectly. Amelia and Charley are two young women of color in the early stages of their relationship that go up against a man who wants to exploit Charley's telekinetic abilities.  


10-PASS $85 on sale July 21 | Single Tickets $10 on sale July 28
(Various Countries, 90 min)

Thursday, August 10

5:00pm   Cinema One

Friday, August 11

8:50pm   Cinema Two

Monday, August 14

5:20pm   Cinema Two


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