The Driver
Cinema Overdrive presents

Walter Hill's The Driver

In this haunting action thriller, a man known only as "The Driver" (Ryan O'Neal) gloms a V-8 sedan and proceeds to whip through claustrophobic parking garages, and narrow alleyways, as he demonstrates why he's known as the best getaway driver in the business. He receives word of his jobs from "The Connection" (Ronee Blakely) and gets his alibis from "The Gambler" (Isabelle Adjani). He is followed by a high-strung police detective (Bruce Dern), who wants to nail him. Many spectacular car chases are one of the highlights of this movie, which paradoxically has a quiet, reflective tone. This is Isabelle Adjani's first American film.

(Dir. Walter Hill,1978, 91 min)

Wednesday, April 17

7:00pm   Cinema One


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