Two 4 One

Two 4 One

Transgender Feature

Two 4 One is a bittersweet comedic drama that sees a transgender hero in an unimaginable predicament.  When transgendered Adam helps his baby-crazy ex-girlfriend Miriam artificially inseminate, they wind up in bed together.  Adam continues to struggle with the building of a male identity and career at a predominantly “dudebro” engineering firm, and just as he is about to complete a deeply desired stage of his gender confirmation, he gets unexpected news: He’s pregnant! Now Adam must reconcile his identity and gender with his biological reality, grapple with his feelings for Miriam, and try to figure out what it means to be a man.


10-Pass $85 | Individual Tickets $10 on sale at the box office or call 919.560.3030
(Canada, 77 min)

Saturday, August 15

1:00pm   Cinema One

Tuesday, August 18

7:10pm   Cinema One


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