Night of the Living Dead
Retro Film Series Presents Free Screening

A Tribute to George Romero: Night of the Living Dead

Free Screening

Retro Film Series Presents “A Tribute to George Romero: Night of the Living Dead”

It's hard to imagine how shocking this George A. Romero film was when it first broke on the film scene in 1968. There's never been anything quite like it, though it's inspired numerous pale imitations.  Radiation from a fallen satellite has caused the dead to walk and hunger for human flesh. Once bitten, you become one of them. And the only way to kill one is by a shot or blow to the head. We follow a group holed up in a small farmhouse to fend off the inevitable onslaught of the dead. Night of the Living Dead establishes its savagery as a necessary condition of life. Marked by fatality and a grim humor, it gnaws through to the bone, then proceeds on to the marrow.

 Tickets available on Thursday, July 20 starting at noon.




Dir. George A. Romero, 1968, NR, 96 min

Thursday, July 20

7:00pm   Fletcher Hall


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