Toshiharu Ikeda’s EVIL DEAD TRAP
SplatterFlix Film Series Presents

Toshiharu Ikeda’s EVIL DEAD TRAP

Toshiharu Ikeda’s EVIL DEAD TRAP (R, 1988, 102 min)

Nami, a talk show hostess, tells her audience to send in home videos to her late night program. Soon, she receives an anonymous videotape containing terrifying imagery. She watches in horror as an unseen filmmaker brutally kills a woman on camera! A crew is assembled and they set off to follow the videotape’s trail. What they find is a horror beyond imagination! There is someone or something waiting in the shadows to torture and murder them one by one. 

In Japanese with English subtitles. 

NO CLOSED CAPTIONING (Hearing-impaired)
NO AUDIO DESCRIPTION (Visual-impaired)

$9.50 | Ten-Passes $80
(R, 1988, 102 min.)

Friday, October 11

1:00pm   Fletcher Hall

Saturday, October 12

3:00pm   Fletcher Hall


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