They're Coming to Get You, Barbara! Volume 1
Nevermore Film Festival presents

They're Coming To Get You, Barbara! Volume 1

North American Horror & Sci-Fi Comedy Shorts
Slaybor Day 7 - 2020 Jury Award Winner: Best North American Comedy Short

Justin Menoche, Director/Writer and Paula Ramirez, Actress of Slaybor Day 7 are confirmed to attend the Friday, February 28 screening at 7 p.m. and the Sunday, March 1 screening at 2 p.m.

(US/Canada, 98 min.)

Leave all political correctness behind during Urban Scout!  It’s the side-splittingly funny tale of a group of inner city Boy Scouts on an overnight camping trip that quickly devolves into every troop leader’s worst nightmare. See what happens when The Animator takes his anger out on the source of his frustration... his puppets. Grave-robbing Tanya and her precious hubby unearth a cursed ring, and unwittingly unleash a demon in Grave Sight. Slaybor Day 7 is a sly mockumentary chronicling the career of horror-movie icon Maddox Mason, a masked murderer who kills people who wear white after Labor Day.  Imagine a World is about a persistent door-to-door internet salesman who refuses to leave until he’s made his sale. Don’t Sneeze is a jaw-dropping tale about a guy who dies while masturbating…and is shocked to find the Angel of Death has a sense of humor. Two short-sighted scientists are ill-prepared when their experiment goes horribly right in Half-Cocked.  In Unholy ‘Mole, a selfish husband sells the soul of his unborn child to Satan in exchange for a lifetime of his wife’s delicious homemade guacamole. When a woman receives a robot companion as a gift from her daughter, she soon realizes the true nature of friendship in the emotionally-sweet Rewind. Four buddies gather for a weekend-long horror movie marathon, sharing quips and their wives’ cookies, until one of them suffers a deadly Allergic Overreaction to peanuts!

Individual Tickets: $10 | 10-Pass $80
(US/Canada, 98 min.)

Friday, February 28

7:00pm   Cinema One

Sunday, March 1

2:00pm   Cinema One


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