They're Coming to Get You, Barbara!
Nevermore Film Festival presents


North American Shorts

Samantha ignores her landlord’s strict “No Pets” policy and takes in a stray cat from the alleyway behind her apartment. She grows attached to the kitten she dubs Meow, but amidst a series of shockingly bloody occurrences begins to think the sweet kitten may be capable of murder. Two burnt out high school Lunch Ladies do whatever it takes on their quest to become Johnny Depp's personal chefs. When a deranged killer sets his sights on an unsuspecting sorority, he realizes he's not the craziest one in the house when he meets Girl #2. The Hobbyist is centered around a mysterious druggist visited by a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison. In Third Wheel, Susan has more than just skeletons in her closet. These kids just wanted to be cool. Instead, We Summoned a Demon. Newbie Kayden must complete a sacred initiation in The Cleanse. Heartless tells the story of an overlooked associate struggling to complete a corporate presentation as a horrific secret gnaws at her conscience. Abandoned by his mother, Solomon is left to live in isolation while abiding by three rules, but begins to realize these rules may be a hindrance to a life-changing discovery in Tethered

10-Pass $80 | Single Tickets $10
(US/Canada, 98 minutes)

Saturday, February 24

5:10pm   Cinema One

Sunday, February 25

2:00pm   Cinema One


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