Tab Hunter Confidential
Opening Night Film

Tab Hunter Confidential

Men's Feature

America was a very different place in the not-so-distant, golly-gee past of the 1950s, as vibrantly recalled in this thoroughly entertaining new documentary on formerly closeted Hollywood heartthrob and golden-boy idol Tab Hunter. His blue-eyed, blond-haired California surfer stunning looks got him cast in frequently shirtless roles that propelled his career into superstar status. He became the prototype for young idols to come; so did the studios’ desire to hide his and others’ gayness. 


10-Pass $85 | Individual Tickets $10 on sale at the box office or call 919.560.3030
(US, 90 min)

Friday, August 14

7:15pm   Fletcher Hall

Wednesday, August 19

9:15pm   Cinema One


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