Suicide Kale
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Suicide Kale

Women's Feature

Jasmine and Penny, a new couple of one month, are invited to a lunch party by hosts Jordan and Billie, a married couple of five years, who are living the lesbian dream together. They have a beautiful home and a fabulous partnership. While the hosts tend to the grill, Jasmine and Penny escape for a quickie—because they haven’t had sex all month. While rolling around in their pals’ bedroom, they stumble upon what appears to be an anonymous suicide note, which leads them to believe that maybe Jordan and Billie’s partnership isn’t as effortless as it seems. Jasmine and Penny, determined to figure out who penned the note, devise a strategy to uncover the identity of the author. But nothing goes according to plan, leaving Jasmine and Penny to depend on their sometimes misguided intuition to get to the root of this crisis. This dark comedy takes on important topics, from frequency of masturbation to whether or not it’s a good idea to decorate your home with items that once belonged to a neighbor who died in a hot tub. You know, the type of stuff you and your friends typically discuss over beer and grilled veggie skewers. Featuring actress Jasika Nicole (Scandal, Fringe) and Brittani Nichols (Transparent), Suicide Kale explores the thrill of new relationships and the tensions that arise after the comfort settles in and the excitement fades.

10-Pass $85 | Individual Tickets $10
(US, 78 min)

Sunday, August 14

11:20am   Fletcher Hall

Friday, August 19

5:15pm   Fletcher Hall


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