Stanley Kubrick's PATHS OF GLORY & Sydney Lumet's FAIL SAFE
RetroClassics Film Series presents

Stanley Kubrick's PATHS OF GLORY & Sydney Lumet's FAIL SAFE

Double Feature

Stanley Kubrick's PATHS OF GLORY (1957, 88 min)

During World War I, French general Broulard (Adolph Menjou) orders his troops to seize the heavily fortified "Ant Hill" from the Germans. General Mireau knows that this action will be suicidal, but he will sacrifice his men to enhance his own reputation. Against his better judgment, Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas) leads the charge, and the results are appalling. Still smarting from the defeat, Mireau cannot admit to himself that the attack was a bad idea from the outset: he convinces himself that the loss of Ant Hill was due to the cowardice of his men. Mireau demands that three soldiers be selected by lot to be executed as an example to the rest of the troops. Paths of Glory has taken its place in the pantheon of classic war movies.

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Sydney Lumet's FAIL-SAFE (1964, 112 min)

One of the greatest anti-war thrillers ever, Fail-Safe takes you to the verge of World War III. When a military computer error deploys a squadron of SAC bombers to destroy Moscow, the American President (Henry Fonda) tries to call them back. But their sophisticated fail-safe system prevents him from aborting the attack, so he must convince the Soviets not to retaliate. In desperation, the President offers to sacrifice an American city if his pilots succeed in their deadly mission over Moscow. A four-star techno-thriller that builds tension and suspense with every tick of the nuclear clock.

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Friday, April 27

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