Something Like Summer
NCGLFF presents


Men's Feature

Something Like Summer follows the course of true love over the span of a dozen years, from awkward adolescence through challenging adulthood. Ben Bentley, a talented singer, pines for athletic yet secretive Tim Wyman, then meets his true love, Jace Holden. With Tim and Jace in open war to win his affection, Ben has to face up to the realities of adulthood, his continued fear to fight for his own happiness, and the challenge of surviving his most heartbreaking loss. The film features seven musical performances, including original music by he musical director of The Book of Mormon on Broadway. Based on the novel by Lambda Literary Award winner Jay Bell. Shot on location in Portland, Oregon.

10-PASS $85 on sale July 21 | Single Tickets $10 on sale July 28
(US, 115 min)

Sunday, August 13

2:10pm   Fletcher Hall

Monday, August 14

7:00pm   Fletcher Hall


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