The Real Thing
NCGLFF presents

Shut the Front Door

Goldfish, The Real Thing, Menhdi, Unicorn, Uniform, Pop Rox, Open Recess, Different, Mrs. McCutcheon, Kick the Can, Scheideweg (Teenage Threesome)
Family- Friendly Short Films

Greece: A young boy thinks his new Goldfish is gay, much to the horror of his conservative father. United States: In The Real Thing, a soldier returns home to meet his daughter, who transitioned while he was on tour. Amidst the bright colorful flurry of an Indian bridal shower, two young girls pass a secret designed to alter their lives forever in Menhdi. A single father deals with the balance of raising his daughter and navigating his newly-out gay dating life in Unicorn. Parents are at odds with what to do when their 6-year old son is sent home from school for wearing a dress in Uniform. In Pop Rox, an Iranian-American teenage girl decides to tell her best friend that she's in love with her. Open Recess is an animated documentary about a nostalgic childhood romance between two girls. France: Different involves the difficulty in coming out as transgender to parents. Australia: Having always felt he was born in the wrong body, 10-year-old Tom chooses the name Mrs. McCutcheon rather than the name he was given at birth; he also prefers the flow of a dress rather than the cut of a pant. With the school dance only days away, Tom is thrust on a journey of self-discovery and sacrifices to find his place in the world. Colombia: In Kick the Can a bunch of teenagers play their own version of hide and seek. Two of them hide together; one of them has a secret. Germany: Scheideweg (Teenage Threesome)  involves one Boy, one Girl, and her stepbrother. What could possibly go wrong?

 Congratulations to director Brandon Kelley - Best Youth-Oriented Short - The Real Thing

(Various Countries, 95 min)

Saturday, August 18

3:10pm   Cinema Two

Tuesday, August 21

3:10pm   Fletcher Hall

Thursday, August 23

3:10pm   Cinema Two


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