She's Out of Control

She's Out of Control

Women's Mixed Shorts

In Lit, Eva and Jessie meet at a bar at last call and embark on a late night odyssey around San Francisco. What seems like it may be a one night stand goes in a different direction when Eva reveals it's her last night drinking. A 10-year-old tomboy bests her brother’s loutish friends after they plan a mean prank in Bombshell.  In One Night Stand, two women on a comic collision course learn that, sometimes, you wind up with more than you bargained for. Barb, aided by her best-ies Ally and Ellen becomes enamored with Carly, who she had met years ago in very different life circumstances in B2F. Love comes in every moment for Bella. In Sinaptica, Clara and Gio will ask themselves: keep dreaming and stay together, or do wake up and live apart? Throw Like a Girl is the pilot of a mockumentary web series that follows a group of women who work at a small Bay Area startup selling sports bras. In Spin, making art and making a point can be equally aggravating. Politics can put people at opposite ends of the spectrum but love can make them move to the middle.

10-Pass $85 on sale August 1 | Individual tickets $10 on sale August 11
(US, 86 min)

Saturday, August 16

12:50pm   Cinema One

Friday, August 22

9:25pm   Cinema Two


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