Shades of Gray: In Praise of Older Women
NCGLFF presents

Shades of Gray: In Praise of Older Women

Love Letter Rescue Squad, Getting Started, Marguerite, What We Don't See, Seeing Glory, Heather Has Four Moms, Sex, Politics, and Sticky Rice
Women's Mixed Drama and Comedy Shorts

From exhilarating romance and temptation to flat-out-funny comedy to tales about bad relationships, this collection of shorts offers a refreshing look into the lesbian lifestyle. Canada: Marguerite, a diabetic woman in her seventies, has been getting daily visits from Rachel, her home health nurse, But discovering Rachel's homosexuality suddenly plunges Marguerite into her own unacknowledged desires. As Rachel becomes aware that Marguerite was never able to surrender to her heart's desire, she is moved to help her make peace with her past. United States: After meeting online, Tori and Joy finally have their first date in Getting Started. Love Letter Rescue Squad is the story of Deborah Edel and Joan Nestle, who co-founded the Lesbian Herstory Archives, the world's largest collection of materials by and about lesbians. Gloria prepares a feast of the senses for the rapidly-ailing Eva in an attempt to share a perfect evening and be seen for the woman she truly is. Seeing Glory is a bittersweet story of fine wine, dementia and the immortal words of Virginia Woolf. When Heather decides to lose her virginity for her 15th birthday, Mom's wife must convince Mom, and Mom's ex, and Mom's ex's partner that it's time for Heather to have "the talk". It's a mother-daughter story because Heather Has Four Moms. Sex, Politics, and Sticky Rice are just the "tip of the rice bowl" for five Asian American lesbians recounting their adventures in sex, love, and queer activism. Spain: What We Don't See is the story of Lorenza, who is nearing 80, and has just become a widow. She decides to return to her childhood home, accompanied by her granddaughters.

 Congratulations to director Marianne Farley - Best Women's International Short - Marguerite  

(Various Countries, 99 min)

Saturday, August 18

10:50am   Fletcher Hall

Monday, August 20

5:10pm   Cinema One

Wednesday, August 22

3:00pm   Fletcher Hall


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