Robert Zemeckis's DEATH BECOMES HER &  Andrew Fleming's THE CRAFT
Retrofantasma Film Series presents

Robert Zemeckis's DEATH BECOMES HER & Andrew Fleming's THE CRAFT

Double Feature

Death Becomes Her (PG-13, 1992, 103 min)

Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn play aging best friends in this hilarious dark comedy. Sensing a bargain she can't resist, Madeline steals Helen's plastic-surgeon husband Ernest (Bruce Willis), and the two women become sworn enemies. But all hell breaks loose when they drink a secret anti-aging formula. As their undying bodies are twisted and mutilated by violent attacks on each other, Helen and Madeline grow increasingly dependent on Ernest for cosmetic repair.

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The Craft (R, 1996, 101 min)

Sarah (Robin Tunney) has always been different. As the new girl at St. Benedict's Academy, she befriends a trio of outsiders: the horribly scarred Bonnie (Neve Campbell), the trailer-trash Nancy (Fairuza Balk), and frequent victim Rochelle (Rachel True). Sarah soon learns that her three new friends have chosen her as the final member of their supernatural coven. Using tools stolen from a local magic shop, the quartet summons the power of a primitive deity to exact revenge on their tormentors. Drunk with power, their spells spin out of control, and the new coven soon realizes that with magic, "whatever you give comes back three-fold."

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Friday, October 19

7:00pm   Cinema One


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