Robert Aldrich’s THE FRISCO KID & Michael Crichton’s COMA | Sept. 8

Robert Aldrich’s THE FRISCO KID & Michael Crichton’s COMA

Robert Aldrich’s THE FRISCO KID: 40th Anniversary (PG, 1979, 119 min)  |  2:30 p.m.

Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder star as a gunslinger and a clueless immigrant rabbi traveling across the Wild West in this comedy classic. Ranked 87th out of 88 in his rabbinical class, Avram accepts a posting to Gold Rush-era San Francisco. Speaking little English but following a leading from God, the young rabbi sets out from Philadelphia for San Francisco, believing his destination to be a short walk.  Along the way, he becomes best friends with a grumpy bank robber.   

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Michael Crichton’s COMA  (PG, 1978, 113 min)  | 5:30 p.m.

When Dr. Susan Wheeler's (Genevieve Bujold) best friend slips into a permanent coma during minor surgery, she discovers that seemingly-healthy people are falling into comas during unnecessary operations at her hospital. Determined to uncover the mystery, she begins to suspect that some of her fellow doctors are murderers, and she’s next!  The Oscar-adorned cast includes Michael Douglas, Richard Widmark, Rip Torn, and Tom Selleck.


Sunday, September 8

2:30pm   Fletcher Hall


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