The Alien Report | Nevermore Film Festival
Nevermore Film Festival Presents

Patrick Donnelly’s THE ALIEN REPORT

Patrick Donnelly, Director and Kevin Schroeder, Producer are confirmed to attend the Sunday, March 1 screening at 2:20 p.m.

An alien abductee figures out a clever way to secretly record his own alien encounters revealing telepathic aliens, human hybrids and the elusive “men-in-black”.  Filmed from the perspective of a tiny micro-camera, hidden in a hearing implant, you will see everything this alien abductee sees. More than a movie or a story, The Alien Report is a guide intended to show, rather than tell, what alien abductees have been describing for decades.  The Alien Report was filmed on micro cameras and Iphones using creative ingenuity. Additionally, the film contains a massive array of sound effects, contributions from artists all over, which meld the auditory and visual experience into a kaleidoscopic trip. This micro-budget endeavor is unlike any other sci-fi movie.

Individual Tickets $10 | 10-Pass $80
(US, R, 80 min)

Saturday, February 29

5:20pm   Cinema Two

Sunday, March 1

2:20pm   Fletcher Hall


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