A Painted Ocean | The Mess He Made
NCGLFF presents


Men's Drama Shorts
Lockjaw, Golden Boys, Sign, Little Drama, He Could've Gone Pro, The Gift Giver, The News Today, The Mess He Made, Caged

This collection of 9 short films traverses vibrant styles from hard drama to reflective poetry. Cracks in a relationship are exposed when a couple cannot agree on whether or not to have a three-way in Lockjaw. Scott, Dylan and Carter, three longtime friends on an unexpected bender, end up back at their old private school looking to cause trouble and come face to face with the true consequences of having been the school's Golden Boys. Sign tells the relationship between Ben, a hearing man, and Aaron, who is deaf. In A Little Drama, Micky and Sean are longtime lovers. When Micky learns that he's positive for Aids, Sean immediately questions his faithfulness, but when Micky assures him he's been faithful, Sean must face the truth: he must also have Aids. In He Could’ve Gone Pro, Debbie and her mother are forced to confront the truth about their family's past over a tense Christmas lunch. In The Gift Giver, an HIV support group is infiltrated by a young man toying with the idea of purposely contracting the virus. The familiar and mundane moments between two guys in love become precious in an instant in The News Today. A man spends 15 minutes waiting for the results of an HIV test in The Mess He Made. Karrisa and Chris have been happily married for 6 six years, but Karrisa’s life begins to fall apart during a dinner party when a secret about her husband starts to circulate among the party guests in Caged.  


10-PASS $85 on sale July 21 | Single Tickets $10 on sale July 28
(US/Canada, 100 min)

Friday, August 11

2:40pm   Cinema One

Sunday, August 13

6:10pm   Cinema One

Tuesday, August 15

5:00pm   Cinema Two


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