The Otter's Club: Men's Drama Shorts

The Otter's Club

Men's Drama Shorts - Boy Meets Boy, Furious Saint Jack and Otter, Alone, hopefulROMANTIC, Lady of the Night, Lies People Tell, Been Too Long at the Fair, Gay Over, More of Last Night

Vincent is searching for love in his isolated perfect life when Steven catches his attention in Boy Meets Boy. In Furious Saint Jack and Otter, Alone, a young man narrates his leap from isolation to ecstasy when he meets a beautiful stranger at a bar. hopefulROMANTIC is a musical about one man's emotional journey through love, heartbreak, and healing.  Directed by Laurent Boileau and created by Attie Esterhuizen, Lady of the Night is about a closeted man, tormented by years of regret, who bursts into song in full drag as a tribute to his lost love. Lies People Tell is the story is of two old high school friends who run into each other one sunny day in Central Park and catch up. The FAIR Theater is one of only two pornographic theatres left in New York. A loyal patron recounts its history through his erotic encounters there, revealing how the FAIR has managed to stay open and serve its gay clientele for over 35 years in Been Too Long at the FAIR. If only life had a reset button like video games and you could start over anytime in Gay Over. In More of Last Night, three friends go camping at the end of their last summer in college, only to awake the next morning to the harsh reality of their inebriated decisions.

 *** Tickets are SOLD OUT for the Aug. 15 screening

10-Pass $85 | Individual Tickets $10 on sale at the box office or call 919.560.3030
(US, 77 min)

Saturday, August 15

6:45pm   Cinema Two

Sunday, August 16

2:45pm   Cinema One


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