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Something About Alex, Mathias, Let Me Dance, Only What You Need to Know About Me, Juan Gabriel is Dead
International Transgender Shorts

August 18, 9:20 p.m. screening | 26 tickets left

Netherlands: Something About Alex involves a troubled and isolated teenager who finds a supportive friend in his sister's boyfriend. Austria: Mathias is transgender. Although he is more than sure about his decision, he stilll has to find his way in his new identity and especially in his new job. France; Mylene's colleagues are organizing a surpirise party for her birthday, but on the gift voucher, she reads her old male name. Who wants to blackmail her in Let Me Dance (Laissez-moi Danser?)  Brazil: Only What You Need to Know About Me is the story of two teenagers who meet in a skate park: their friendship soon turns into something more. Mexico: On the day a famous Mexican singer dies, two best friends will redefine their friendship in Juan Gabriel is Dead.

 Congratulations to director Reinout Hellenthal - Best Trans International Short: Something About Alex.

(Various Countries, 96 min)

Thursday, August 16

5:10pm   Cinema Two

Saturday, August 18

9:20pm   Cinema Two

Tuesday, August 21

3:00pm   Cinema Two


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