Never Tug on Superman's Cape: Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale
NCGLFF presents

Never Tug on Superman's Cape

Sauna The Dead: A Fairy Tale, Cake, Ultra Bleu, Richard & Gilbert, My Brother
Men's Long-Form Narrative Shorts

This anthology of 5 longer-running shorts (20+ minutes each) ranges from the sublime and sweet, subversively campy and then heads way-over-the-top. United Kingdom: In Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale, a jaded narcissist is trapped in a gay bathhouse with zombies, and finds his survival may depend on the one thing he didn't come there for: a human connection. Australia: An unlikely internet hook-up in Cake, gets hilariously tangled up into an afternoon with the neighbors. United States: Ultra Bleu follows Jim Park for the first 24 hours after a violent break up with his ex-boyfriend; a chance meeting with a stranger reveals deeper issues that he must confront. Germany: A small village is haunted by strange and awful murders in Richard and Gilbert. The frightened villagers turn to two officials for help in solving the crimes. The investigations point to a very perfidious kind of murder: All victims were nibbled on shortly before or after their deaths. Could an animal be the cause of the strange bite marks on the faces and arms of the dead bodies? Spain: My Brother tells the story of a young Alberto, who flees a far as possible from his conservative family. Now in Berlin, he lives with his partner and works as an illustrator of comics. But an unexpected event forces him to return to his suffocating village where he will try to change the future, as best he can, by drawing.

10-Pass $85 | Individual Tickets $10
(Various Countries, 100 min)

Saturday, August 13

10:50pm   Cinema Two

Thursday, August 18

7:00pm   Cinema Two

Friday, August 19

3:10pm   Cinema One


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