NC Comicon: The Movie

NC Comicon: The Movie

The official documentary of the NC Comicon 2015. For 3 days the Amazing Studios cameras followed the comicon crew through the madness that comes with putting on a comic book convention. With guests such as Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance, Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol) and Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead) and massive events, legendary parties, and a sea of comic book fans, the guys and gals of NC Comicon really have their hands full...

Executive Producers: Mike Cole, Alan Gill, Tommy Lee Edwards 

Produced by: Cliff Bumgardner, Brockton McKinney, Peter Scheibner, Brandon Clarke 

Directed and Edited by: Cliff Bumgardner 

Shot by: Brian French and Peter Scheibner 

Art Director: Dustin Owens

Designer | Animator: Jeremiah Berkheimer

Please note: (No Film Fan cards, No Cinema Passes, No Kickstarter Vouchers)


$5 | On sale Friday, October 21
US, 2015, 41 min

Friday, November 11

12:00pm   Cinema One

Saturday, November 12

4:10pm   Cinema One

Sunday, November 13

9:10pm   Fletcher Hall


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