To a More Perfect Union: U.S. V Windsor
NCGLFF presents

To a More Perfect Union: U.S. V Windsor

Women's Feature

August 19 1:20 p.m. screening | 18 tickets left

Using Edie Windsor’s case as the catalyst, this rousing documentary takes a closer look at the metamorphosis of marriage equality in America. The great love story of Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer first captivated audiences in the documentary Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement, a recounting of the couple’s long journey toward their 2007 wedding in Toronto. Their story, however, was far from over. When Thea passed away in 2009, Edie was faced with a monstrous estate tax bill, the federal government firmly denying benefits to same-sex couples. And so began the fight. Like the diamond brooches Edie and Thea wore as a secret symbol of their love, To a More Perfect Union encapsulates full-circle moments of LGBTQ civil rights history and will leave audiences feeling inspired to keep on fighting.

Preceded by: Bobbi meets a mythological creature whose ancient battle for acceptance helps Bobbi overcome her own fears of being herself in Bobbi and Sheelagh.


(US, 73 min)

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