A Million Happy Nows
NCGLFF presents


Women's Feature
When tomorrow is a promise that can't be kept, living becomes a million happy nows.

All the world’s a soap opera, and all the men and women merely players, even daytime diva Lainey Allen (Crystal Chappell). She has enjoyed two decades of stardom (and won a Daytime Emmy Award) and has a blissful relationship with her beautiful partner, Eva (Jessica Leccia). But now Lainey is having difficulty remembering her lines---both on set and off. Are the florid writing and torrid story arcs to blame---or is it something else? She decides to retire, and she and Eva move to a little house perched on a bluff overlooking the ocean. But without the distractions of work, it soon becomes apparent that something is not quite right. A visit to the doctor confirms it: Lainey is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.


10-PASS $85 on sale July 21 | Single Tickets $10 on sale July 28
(US, 80 min)

Thursday, August 10

7:10pm   Cinema One

Monday, August 14

7:20pm   Cinema One


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