Working Girl
MovieDiva Film Series Presents

Mike Nichols’ WORKING GIRL

Tess is a Wall Street secretary with big hair and even bigger ambitions.  Derided for her Staten Island style, she is taken under the wing of a smoothly sophisticated mentor, but quickly learns to bear her own velvet claws in order realize her dreams.  Harrison Ford, as a dishy colleague (the girlfriend part, really) understands consent, which is refreshing for an 80s movie.  Griffith takes her own derided public image as a sexpot, and asks to be revaluated for her talent, even if the film never asks why there is room for only one woman at the top.  Working Girl points to the future, “a modern Cinderella story where the heroine is blessed with an iron will, not glass slippers” (Amy Nicholson).

(1988, 113 min)

Wednesday, November 6

7:00pm   Cinema One


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