Mighty Peking Man
The Retro Film Series and AGFA present The Shaw Brothers: Volume One

Mighty Peking Man

My favorite Hong Kong monster film.” -- Roger Ebert

Holy mackerel! This cheap Hong Kong King Kong rip-off is totally out of control. If an all-star team of the Best Comedy Writers of All-Time got together and wrote a script about a prehistoric ape man and a beautiful blonde jungle woman, it would be just like this movie -- only not as funny. It’s hard to describe exactly what makes The Mighty Peking Man such a joy; perhaps it’s the cultural disconnect between the Shaw Brothers worldview and the end product (which is clearly designed for export to Western markets.) The parts just don’t snap together in any normal fashion. Scenes that would be mild cliches in an American film become towering comic set-pieces here. Witness Chinese tough guy Danny Lee and wild-girl Evelyn Kraft frolic together with her pet leopard! You should totally watch it!

In Mandarin w/Eng. subtitles.

10-Pass $80 | Single Tickets $10
(1977, 90 min)

Saturday, April 28

2:00pm   Cinema One

Tuesday, May 1

4:30pm   Cinema One

Thursday, May 3

7:00pm   Cinema One


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