Michele Soavi's CEMETERY MAN
SPLATTERFLIX Film Series presents

Michele Soavi's CEMETERY MAN

Zombies, Guns, and Sex, OH MY!!!

Rupert Everett stars as a cemetery watchman whose job is to slaughter the living dead when they rise hungry from their graves. But following a tragic tryst with a lusty young widow, Francisco begins to ponder the mysteries of existence. Is there long-term satisfaction in blasting the skulls of zombies? Will his imbecile assistant find happiness with the partial girl-corpse of his dreams? And if death is the ultimate act of love, can a psychotic killing spree send Dellamorte to the brink of enlightenment? 

10 Pass $80 | Single Tickets $9.50
(R, 1994, 105 min)

Friday, October 12

1:10pm   Cinema Two

Saturday, October 13

2:50pm   Cinema Two

Sunday, October 14

4:10pm   Cinema Two


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