Michael Crichton's WESTWORLD & THE CAR
Retrofantasma Film Series presents

Michael Crichton's WESTWORLD & THE CAR

Michael Crichton's WESTWORLD (PG, 1973, 88 min)

Long before all hell broke loose at Jurassic Park, a similar fate befell James Brolin and Richard Benjamin at the theme park called Westworld. Despite acting like gunslingers, the park's life-like androids (Yul Brynner) are programmed to never harm the customers. It's impossible for anything to go wrong...go wrong....go wrong.

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THE CAR (PG, 1977, 96 min)

The peaceful tranquility of a small Arizona town is shot to hell when a murderous black limousine wreaks havoc by mowing down innocent victims. James Brolin aims to stop this menace in its tracks until he realizes that the driver of this indestructible vehicle is far more dangerous than any man...it is driven by pure evil.

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Friday, November 3

7:00pm   Cinema One


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