Puppet Killer
Nevermore Film Festival Presents

Lisa Ovies’ Puppet Killer

2020 Jury Award Winner: Best Feature

Sometimes you need a fun and hilarious horror-comedy to cleanse your mental palette of all of the serious horror movies you’ve been consuming.  Enter Puppet Killer. Jamie (Aleks Paunovic) is a sweet-natured guy who may, or may not, have killed his step mom when he was a kid. Or was it his pink puppet named Simon that did the deed? Finding himself in therapy ten years later, Jamie still talks about his mom who instilled a love of horror movies in him. As Christmas approaches, Jamie and his friends are spending the holiday at a cabin in the woods. While childhood memories begin to rise---and every horror film trope comes into play---this group of “kids” soon start being picked off one by one. After finding Simon in the cellar, it all becomes a question of whether it’s Jamie or Simon doing the killing!

Individual tickets: $10 | 10-passes: $80
(Lisa Ovies, Canada, 84 min.)

Saturday, February 29

7:10pm   Fletcher Hall

Sunday, March 1

9:10pm   Cinema One


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