Laughter of the Foreign Invaders
Nevermore Film Festival Presents

Laughter of the Foreign Invaders

International Horror & Sci-Fi Comedy Shorts
Polter - 2020 Jury Award Winner: Best International Comedy Short

(Various Countries, 96 min)

Spain: In Smiles, Borja is about to meet his girlfriendĀ“s parents. The best way to overcome the situation: smile and wait. Polter tells the funny story of a man fighting against the supernatural powers in his apartment! An ordinary schoolgirl's life unravels after an evil creature takes over her body in Horrorscope. Oblivious to the zombie mayhem unleashing outside their tent, Pablo deals with a massive hangover in Z Fest. RAmen is the story of an ultraconservative grandmother who decides to attend the communion services of a strange cult which worships pasta gods, and which happens to be officiated by her son! Bulgaria: War Machine is an animated short which shows us how terminators are built. Poland: Acouple of kind-hearted farmers share their carefree life with their beloved sheep named Chmurka/Fluffy. United Kingdom: An elderly DIY enthusiast reanimates his recently-deceased wife in the garden shed in Frank and Mary. The Witch Hunters are Coming is a parody of daytime reality shows that follow law enforcers. It follows an investigation by two witch hunters in London who confront a suspected witch.

Individual Tickets $10 | 10-Pass $80
(Various Countries, 96 min.)



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