Labyrinth: The Quote-Along Edition
Retro Film Series presents


Prop Bags are SOLD OUT

The Quote-Along® edition of LABYRINTH is an all-new version of Jim Henson’s beloved cult classic featuring custom subtitles and animations that help guide audiences through an interactive celebration of the film. The subtitles provide lyrics to all of the songs so everyone can sing-along in unison, but they also go beyond that and feature karaoke-style titles that animate along with favorite quotes, so that everyone can also cry out, “You have no power over me!” at the same time. The show is definitely reminsicent of a ROCKY HORROR experience, but no shadow cast is needed and the animations are intended to help fans celebrate a favorite film without descending into a theater full of hecklers.

Sorry, Prop Bags are SOLD OUT.

1) 6'' Whoopee Cushions are the oldest gag in the book.

2) Fully customized smell along card, exclusive to Labyrinth Sing Along- complete with scratch and sniff scent of the Bog of Eternal Stench!

3) Monster Finger Puppets

4) 3.5" Plastic Novelty Baby Rattle/Shaker/Noisemaker

5) Candy Bracelet

6) Commemorative Bag

7) Commemorative Labyrinth/Carolina Theatre Trading Card


Saturday, July 29

2:00pm   Fletcher Hall
7:00pm   Fletcher Hall


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