Labyrinth & Beetlejuice | March 13
Retro Film Series Presents

Labyrinth & Beetlejuice

Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH

(PG, 1986, 101 min)

Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) has to babysit her infant brother and contend with parents who don't understand her at all.  Her petulance leads her to accidentally summon the goblins to take the baby away, but when they actually do, she realizes her responsibility to rescue him. Now, Sarah must negotiate the Labyrinth to reach the Goblin King (David Bowie) and save her baby brother.   

followed by


(PG, 1988, 92 min)

A happy couple (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) with a lovely country house die in a car accident and must haunt their old home while waiting to be processed into heaven. Too nice to be scary, they befriend the new tenant's daughter (Wynona Ryder). When they fail to prevent the girl's parents from fleeing the house, they ask a devilish spirit (Michael Keaton) for help.

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Friday, March 13

7:00pm   Fletcher Hall


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