MovieDiva: King Kong | February 13
Moviediva Film Series presents

King Kong

February 13:

King Kong (1933) Directed by Merian C. Cooper. Robert Armstrong, Fay Wray, Bruce Cabot (100 min)

King Kong rules Skull Island. One day, invaders overpower and capture him, bringing him to another island, the stone jungle of Manhattan, where he must again assert his power and majesty. Hemmed in, he searches for the island’s highest point and climbs the two year old Empire State Building. The one Pre-Code film that lives in the American Pop Culture imagination, King Kong is a superlative monster movie, but also an ethnographic film in which the subject exacts revenge on the explorer. To some, Kong represents every outsider, minority, feminist, or LGBT individual exploited by white male adventurers, although its director insisted, “King Kong was never intended to be anything more than the best damned adventure picture ever made.”

(1933,100 min)

Wednesday, February 13

7:00pm   Cinema One


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