Dead Again
MysteryRealm Film Series Presents

Kenneth Branagh's DEAD AGAIN

Mike Church (Kenneth Branagh) is a detective who specializes in finding missing persons. He takes on the case of a mute woman (Emma Thompson) who is suffering from a total amnesia. She’s having nightmares about the real-life murder of a musician by her husband in the late 1940s. Attempting to solve the mystery about her identity, Church accepts the help of an antiques dealer (Derek Jacobi) who offer his services as a hypnotist, unaware that the sessions will reveal some shocking and deadly surprises.

NO CLOSED CAPTIONING (Hearing-impaired)
NO AUDIO DESCRIPTION (Visual-impaired)

$80 Season Pass | $9.50 Individual Tickets
(R, 1991, 107 min.)

Saturday, July 27

2:50pm   Cinema Two

Sunday, July 28

7:10pm   Cinema Two


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