Juliet & Juliet
NCGLFF presents

Juliet & Juliet

Heads or Tails, Oh, Hi, Tenders, Wedlocked, I Hate the Color Red, I Know Who I Am, Still a Rose, This is You and Me, Still Gay, Blind Date
Women's North American Shorts

From exhilarating romance and temptation to flat-out comedy to sensitive coming out tales, this collection of shorts offers a bold look into the lesbian lifestyle. Lilly convinces her best friend Rene to join her on a nocturnal trespassing adventure in Heads or Tails. Sarah wakes up in bed with Alice and a terrible hangover in Oh, Hi. A young woman tries to gain knowledge from an older colleague with surprising results in Tenders. Three women (Drew Droege, Sally Kirkland and Guinevere Turner) become entangled on their quest for a gay divorce in Wedlocked. I Hate the Color Red is about siblings who inherit a video store and struggle to keep it a viable business. I Know Who I Am is about a girl who reaches a breaking point where living her life fully is no longer up for discussion. Still a Rose weaves together multiple mixed-race and same-gender couplings throughout the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. This is You and Me follows Marie and Susie, two charismatic women who instantly hit it off one hight at a bar. However things take a turn when their connection triggers an unexpected reaction within Susie. In Still Gay, two LGBTQ teens are sent on a bible camp retreat after coming out to their parents. Sam is set up on a Blind Date with a British romantic named Charlie. Upon arrival, she is surprised to find that Charlie is not who she was expecting at all.

10 Pass $85 | Individual Tickets $10
(Women's North American Shorts, 105 min)

Saturday, August 13

12:50pm   Cinema One

Wednesday, August 17

7:00pm   Cinema One

Friday, August 19

11:10pm   Cinema Two


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