Juan Piquer Simón’s PIECES
SplatterFlix Film Series Presents

Juan Piquer Simón’s PIECES

Juan Piquer Simón’s PIECES (Unrated, 1983, 89 min.)

A heavy-breathing, trenchcoat-wearing, chainsaw-wielding psychopath is carving the curvy co-eds of a Boston campus, taking certain body parts, and leaving the rest for the cops to trip over.  Pieces is one of the greatest splatter films of the 80s, and  a wild, unrated gorefest with enough sleaze to shock the most jaded horror fan.

NO CLOSED CAPTIONING (Hearing-impaired)
NO AUDIO DESCRIPTION (Visual-impaired)

$9.50 | Ten-Passes $80
(Unrated, 1983, 89 min.)

Friday, October 11

5:20pm   Cinema One

Saturday, October 12

9:30pm   Cinema One


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