Jokers | GLFF 2019
Shorts Program


The Best Man, Cozmo, Engaged, The Handyman, Hank, Lukewarm, ruok, Shopping for Love, Window Shopping
THEMES: Comedy | Drama | Family | Gay | Queer
United States / 14 min / Director Joseph Lamb

The bonds of brotherhood are tested after James’ younger brother comes out to him, causing him to reevaluate his relationship with his brother.

Germany / 3 min / Director Ilhan Soydemir

Cozmo feels uncomfortable being in public with his boyfriend. After realizing he is not the only one affected by the situation he decides to overcome his fears.

United States / 17 min / Director David Scala

This story follows Darren, who keeps trying---and failing---to propose to his boyfriend Elliot. When their relationship is put into an uncomfortable spotlight during a friend’s outrageous engagement party, Darren realizes he actually might be self-sabotaging himself due to unresolved insecurities about his sexuality.

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United States / 9 min / Director JC Calciano

From the director of Is It Just Me? and eCupid. A gay man schemes creative ways to have a hunky repairman continue to have to come back to his house to fix things, but suddenly the fantasies become more than either of them expected.


United States / 17 min / Director Hongyu Li

After reluctantly agreeing to an open relationship, a middle aged gay man starts a wild journey with a mysterious young man only to find he’s put himself in danger. Narrowly escaping with just his life, and forced to walk home alone and naked in the middle of the night, Hank realizes the compromise he made to save his marriage has gone too far.


United States / 7 min / Director Mitch Yapko

This is the tale about your typical, mediocre, beige, room-temperature sex. John and Eric put the "lust" back in "lackluster." 


United States / 13 min / Director Jay Russell

Best friends, Alex & Bryan, have a bitter fight entirely via text message, when one of them sleeps with the other one’s crush. But, just as things seem to settle, an unexpected development may lead to yet another rift.

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United States / 5 min / Director Mark St. Cyr

A noncommittal gift store clerk has a new chance at love when an unassuming customer walks in the door. Will he finally take life by the horns and commit to asking for what he wants?

United States / 7 min / Director Russell Kohlmann

A young man with an active imagination and lackluster sex life goes window shopping. 

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$10 Individual Tickets | $85 10-Passes
(US/Germany, 92 min)

Saturday, August 17

2:50pm   Cinema One

Wednesday, August 21

7:20pm   Cinema One


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