James L. Brooks' Broadcast News
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James L. Brooks' Broadcast News

It's the story of their lives.

A hard-driving tv news producer (Holly Hunter) finds herself inexplicably attracted to the vacuous pretty boy (William Hurt) her network has just hired to anchor. Her torch-carrying best friend (Albert Brooks) is a crack reporter and prose stylist, yet his hotness factor (except under studio lights) is negligible. Turning the romantic comedy formula inside out, Broadcast News layers moral integrity and the random unfairness of sexual attraction onto the perennial puzzle of balancing work and personal life. It was shot in sequence, like Casablanca, with no clear idea of how it would end. Brooks’ background was in tv journalism, which contributed to his inspired crafting of that other newsroom/family on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Made at the moment when the serious journalism of the evening newscast was being upended, and the news packaged as infotainment, the film asks if lowering standards is ever justified, and if it’s possible for a workaholic to find love.

(R, 1987, 133 min)

Wednesday, November 14

7:00pm   Cinema One


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