It's Only a Nightmare, Charlie Brown
Nevermore Film Festival presents

It's Only a Nightmare, Charlie Brown

She's Mine, Pipo, House of Monsters: Frank and the Zombie Girl, Flight of the Soul, Little Brother, Jack is Pretty, The Seed, The Red Thunder, Millennium: Eternal Sunrise, Life Smartphone, Cristal Junket, Trolled, A Brief Encounter
PG-13 Animation and Dark Fantasy Shorts

Leave the kiddies at home for this wonderfully creepy ride from around the globe that includes some stop motion, claymation, hand drawings, puppets, and even some live action. United Kingdom: After years of stalking her, Ethan decides to murder Sophie, the object of his obsession. His plan, however, may not go as smoothly as he would have liked in She's Mine. Germany: A child is accidently raised by a TV in Pipo. United States: While malicious zombies attack the village in House of Monsters: Frank and the Zombie Girl, Frank connects with an old friend. But the reunion is bittersweet as her inevitable decay puts a hitch in their budding romance. Christopher Lloyd stars as Dr. Gaulstone. In Flight of the Soul, Clone 4 is a scrapped experiment who is willing to discover freedom, even if it means facing the unknown. Little Brother is about Herbert, a boy whose mother brings home a baby brother. With his mother's attention divided, he decides one way or another, he is going to get rid of his little brother. In The Red Thunder, a nerdy teenager steals her mom's car to go on a date. Little does she know the vehicle is actually a secret her mother keeps, and this discovery will change her life forever. In Jack is Pretty, a girl finds the solace of friendship and love with an old, discarded Jack-in-the-Box. In Millennium: Eternal Sunrise, an 11-year-old girl discovers an ancient legend that may help to resurrect her dead mother. Greece: In a not-far future where corporations seize all natural resources, a lonely rebel tries to break the rules in The Seed. China: Life Smartphone is a charming animated commentary about people who stare at their Smart phone or I-Pad all the time. Portugal: Monstrous beings come together to celebrate a birthday in Cristal Junket.  Singapore: Trolled is the animated story of two barbarian hunters and their encounter with a mountain troll on one of their hunting trips. Iran: A lonely dragon goes to work every day until he encounters a little girl in the animated fantasy, A Brief Encounter.

Scheduled to attend: Jarek Zabczynski, Director Jack is Pretty; Ryan Katzer, Writer Jack is Pretty

10-Pass $80 | Single tickets $10
(Various Countries, 109 min)

Friday, February 12

7:00pm   Cinema One

Saturday, February 13

4:50pm   Cinema Two


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