I Am What I Am
NCGLFF presents

I Am What I Am

Beauty, Missed Connections, After the Date, Pearls, Bathroom Rules, She, There You Are
Transgender Shorts

Beauty explores the lives of five gender-creative kids uniquely engaged in shaping their ideas of what it means to be fully human. Missed Connections is about two strangers who meet and form a bond, but forget to exchange contact info. As they search for one another, they navigate their careers, lives and society's expectations of them as black, female, and transgender. After the Date shares the relationship between Emma, a trans woman, and a new romantic interest. Emma fears rejection from her new boyfriend, and the strength of their bond is tested, when Emma experiences harassment by a police officer. In Pearls, a mother realizes her son can only become the woman she is by defying her father and leaving their farm, in an outfit that includes a much-loved heirloom. Bathroom Rules portrays how the lack of gender neutral bathrooms impacts students' academic performance, safety and mental and physical health. She follows Tanesh Nutall, a 50-year-old black transgender woman who was confronted by a city employee for using a women's restroom. Throughout the film, Tanesh seeks justice and re-connects with family who were not accepting of her gender identity. A trans woman must dress like a boy to say goodbye to her dying grandmother in Texas in There You are.

 Congratulations to director Michelle Sam - Best Trans Short (Tie) Missed Connections 

(US/Canada, 100 min)

Friday, August 17

8:50pm   Cinema Two

Monday, August 20

3:10pm   Cinema One

Tuesday, August 21

7:20pm   Cinema Two


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