Howard Hawk's Monkey Business
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Howard Hawk's Monkey Business

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A staid married couple (Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers) devolve to teendom, childhood and then savagery when a laboratory chimp with a knack for drug development inadvertently mixes B-4, a “fountain-of-youth” formula. Monkey Business is one of the more bizarre cinematic responses to the repressive 1950s, when lack of self-control was the ultimate sin. Sober maturity was a highly prized trait in the mid-century movie world. Adults were adults (and looked it) and children were children. Monkey Business tosses expectations of age-related behavior aside, as Hawks reimagines his previous Cary Grant comedy, Bringing Up Baby for the post-war generation. The film censors objected vehemently to the whole premise of the film, since B-4 is a thinly veiled aphrodisiac. Co-stars include luscious starlet Marilyn Monroe, and precocious child star George “Foghorn” Winslow, along with Esther, the chimp.

(NR, 1953, 97 min)

Wednesday, October 3

7:00pm   Cinema One


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