Fritz Lang's M & Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt
RetroClassics Film Series presents

Fritz Lang's M & Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt

Fritz Lang’s M 
(1931,105 min)

A simple, haunting musical phrase whistled off-screen tells us that a young girl will be killed. "Who is the Murderer?" pleads a nearby placard as serial killer Hans Beckert, played by Peter Lorre (Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon), closes in on little Elsie Beckmann. In his harrowing masterwork M, Fritz Lang (Metropolis) merges trenchant social commentary with chilling suspense, creating a panorama of private madness and public hysteria that to this day remains the blueprint for the psychological thriller.

In German w/Eng. subtitles.

followed by

Alfred Hitchcock’s SHADOW OF A DOUBT  
(1943, 108 min)

Hitchcock considered Shadow his personal favorite among his own films. Joseph Cotton stars as Uncle Charlie, a calculating and charming killer who hides out in his relatives' small hometown. There, he befriends his favorite niece and namesake, young Charlie. But when she begins to suspect he may be the famed Merry Widow murderer, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues as the psychopathic killer plots the death of his young niece to protect his secret.


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Friday, April 1

7:00pm   Cinema One


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