Four Bloody Footprints
The Nevermore Film Festival presents

Four Bloody Footprints

Long-Form Shorts Program

In The Blood of Love, after the death of her husband, a young woman acquires a machine that will bring him back to life. But the machine operates on blood and her husband's resurrections are lasting for shorter and shorter periods of time. "Face the ghosts from your past". That's all Ana is asking of Oscar so they can be together in Tuning Oscar. Locked in a grand nineteenth-century mansion in The Huckster, nine children are abused by an icy-looking woman who likes to be called Mother. Everything gets complicated with the arrival of a new victim, Teresita.  When an author loses the only copy of his latest novel in a computer crash, a repairman offers a unique solution to restore the file: summoning the ghost of the computer in Gave Up the Ghost.

10-Pass $80 on sale Feb 6 | Single tickets $10 on sale Feb 13
(Long-Form Shorts, Various Countries, 90 min)

Saturday, February 21

5:10pm   Cinema One

Sunday, February 22

5:10pm   Cinema One


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