RetroClassics Film Series presents


Double Feature

FIRST BLOOD (R, 1982, 93 min)

The one that started it all!. He never fought a battle he couldn't win---except the conflict raging within his own soul. Former US Army Special Forces soldier and Vietnam veteran John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) wanders into a small town in the Pacific Northwest only to be harrassed by the local sheriff (Brian Dennehy) and his deputies. When Rambo's flashbacks and emotional trauma take hold, he begins a one-man war against the police. Now he must use all his cunning, combat skills, and weapons training to stay alive and outwit his pursuers!


30th Anniversary Screening DIE HARD (R, 1988, 131 min)

Bruce Willis stars as New York City Detective John McClane, newly arrived in Los Angeles to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged wife (Bonnie Bedelia). But as McClane waits for his wife's office party to break up, terrorists takes control of the building. While the terrorist leader, Hans Bruver (Alan Rickman) rounds up hostages, McClane slips away unnoticed. Armed with only a service revolver and his cunning, McClane lauches his own one-man war. A crackling thriller from beginning to end, Die Hard explodes with heart-stopping suspense.

10-Pass $80 | Single Ticket $9.50

Friday, January 12

7:00pm   Cinema One


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