Shaw Brothers: Volume One

The Retro Film Series,AGFA and Celestial Pictures Present THE SHAW BROTHERS: VOLUME ONE

The Retro Film Series,  AGFA  and Celestial Pictures Present THE SHAW BROTHERS: VOLUME ONE - April 27-May 3, 2018

No other film studio in the history of Asian Cinema has inspired more global fans than The Shaw Brothers: the dominant force behind the most significant and popular Chinese-language genre films of all-time.

Founded in 1958, the studio is responsible for setting off a worldwide cultural explosion of martial arts mania and influencing multiple generations of filmmakers. From kung fu battle epics like THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN to psychedelic monster mashes like THE MIGHT PEKING MAN, these 10 newly-restored titles will dazzle audiences with their timeless characters and hyper-colored impeccably choreographed action.The Retro Film Series and AGFA's curated The Shaw Brothers: Volume One lineup includes both fan favorites and deeep cuts, spanning the worlds of action, horror, comedy, melodrama and even some crazy sci-fi touches.

All films have been newly restored in DCP and will screen in their original Chinese with English subtitles.


No showtimes.


Tickets for the Shaw Brothers are on sale now at the box office. 10-Passes are $80 and single tickets are $10. 


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