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All movies are over three hours and include different genres from 1930-1995

Epic Movies are movie movies. These movies are what make Hollywood Hollywood. These movies are so big they need italic emphasis. They can’t even be described with sentences that don't end in an exclamation mark!  We’re talking about movies with grand stories that justify their three-hour running lengths, and sometimes more. Even their poster art is epic!  As screenwriter Randall Wallace once wrote, “To qualify as epic, a story must have the universality of myth, the enchantment of saga. So an epic is more than a cracking good tale; it tells us something we'll always remember; it makes us walk out of a theater and whisper into our own hearts, "I'm changed."’

What is RetroEpics?

What is an epic movie, you ask? They're movies that both knock you for a loop and open up space in your mind that you never knew needed light.  I'm talking about movies with grand stories that justify their three-hour runnning lengths, and sometimes more.  Seeing an epic movie in a real theater with a real audience and the smell of popcorn is an inescapable part of that experience. I have caught some of these films on TV, and they're okay that way, but when a movie is taking flight I want to see the audiennce buckling their seatbelts.  In 2015, I'm putting the Escapism Film Festival on hold and trying something new on that same weekend. Here's a collection of eight epics that deserve to be seen in a widescreen format. I tried to program a unique film from each genre: Western, War, Musical, Sci-Fi, Historical Comedy, etc. I also tried to expand the  program's breadth beyond just "American" titles.  Serious effort has been made to not pick the obvious movies like Gone With the Wind or The Bridge Over the River Kwai, but you're the judge of whether or not I succeeded. (The dirty jobs alway fall on the programmer.) Here are screenings of Fitzcarraldo, Das Boot, and Barry Lyndon. For those seeking something lighter and even family-friendly, dine on a banquet that serves The Sound of Music and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.  Pay your admission at the gate and throw yourself into this new flight like famished beggars at the feast. Indulge. The movie gods may think a little more of you.

Jim Carl, Senior Director




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